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Full Version: How build acr_server and acr_client in VS2008?
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Hello, I will want build server for testing in my computer. But I can't find in project choose compiling project for server. How can I build this file in VS2008 or another IDE?
Client = Release
Server = Standalone
Client Debug = Debug
Server Debug = Standalone Debug

The wiki page has incorrect formatting, so I am fixing that now.
thanks, but how can I debug project?

I added in command arguments string: 
--home=home --mod=acr --init -cb128 %*
But I can't debug because write error: couldn't open packages\misc\notexture.jpg

[Image: 14999102.png]

How to fix this error?
Hello! I build project for Ubuntu 17.04 on CodeBlocks. I do'nt know how debug this project. When I run project in IDE me at startup write:
couldn't load texture packages/misc/notexture.jpg

could not find core textures (hint: run ACR from the parent of the bin directory) (Couldn't open packages/misc/notexture.jpg)

How fix it?
You need to set the working directory to the root of the repository (the folder with and client.bat).

The Code::Blocks setting is probably called Execution Working Directory.