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Full Version: Simple CTF (score without flag in-base)
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Capture-the-Flag requires your own flag to be in-base to score. If you have the enemy flag, and your own flag is not in base, you cannot score when you are at your base. A GSP mutator "simple" for CTF can relax this requirement and allow you to score even if your own flag is not in base.

Currently, there is only 1 GSP mutator gsp1 (for "direct" to return your own flag immediately after touching it, instead of just picking it up for you to take back to your own base). In the future, if gsp2 is added, it can be used for this mutator.
Sorry for being late.

I think this it's a good idea for the future gsp2 mutator.

We'll also have to think about the gsp2 (and possibly gsp3) for the other modes.