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Full Version: Let's Play - ACR Series
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I'm doing a little ACR let's play commentary series, hope you guys enjoy it when I upload it. I hope that my series would introduce ACR to more people and hopefully join the community too :p. Wish me luck guys Big Grin.


Click to my channel to view more videos!
Click here!

A little of my video changed because i forgot to adjust the aspect ratio of the last 2 clips in vegas pro :p
cool. maybe get some dual commentaries?
*wink* *wink*
Wouldn't mind that.... Foyerhead would like that Big Grin
lol i have recorded bunch of gameplays already for my own acr trailer or talk show xD. ( you will see later on when i have everything set up. it's a work in progress)

I think i have a big part with you Foyerhead xD. me and you 1 on 1
Oh it's on... 360 quickscopes only xD

well the 1st vid is almost done.... it took 8 hours to upload to youtube cuz it is 2.66 gb and in 1080p.... u guys better like it xD
@Foyerhead: Ever heard of compression? Just recompress, and it reduces one 1080p video from 200GB (uncompressed) to 2GB (can be uploaded overnight as you sleep) to 200MB (just takes an hour, no big deal). But the more you compress, the worse the video looks. Just because the resolution is good doesn't mean the bitrate is.
lol. Im uploading it in .m2t files, is there a smaller file to render it in? Im using vegas pro 10 Wink
I use Sony Vegas Pro 11. I would use whichever one has the same quality but is smallest in size, and decide to lower the bitrate a little if needed.
K.... first video is up guys Big Grin Subscribe!
hmm im having trouble watching it. lol
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