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Full Version: Need any help? [Fluent English Speaker]
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If you still need any help, I am available! As I mentioned, I am a fluent English speaker with a fair bit of knowledge concerning the language. I have a lot of hope for this game in the future, and would very much like to be as helpful as possible as the game is in early development stages and just taking off as an independent game - not just mod Smile


Do you guys in England still use the SA80 as their standard issue assault rifle?
^Yes they do. Not that it really matters. Maybe impress the COD kids? If it makes you jealous, the "AUGGG" is getting used by the Aussies.
Does any country use the SCAR H/L as their standard issue assault rifle? The Americans should really upgrade their M4A1.
There are. Lithuania, Chile, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Turkey... The list goes on.

I wouldn't get too infatuated w/ so called "upgrading" the M4A1. Can you list some shortcomings of the weapon system? There's a reason why every rifle manufacturer is compared to the M4A1, it's the golden standard and the jack of all trades. Also, the USMC uses the M16A4. Is that good enough of an upgrade for you?
I guess you're right, the M4A1 has been in the Military for so long. There really isn't much shortcomings to the weapon system.