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umm if this thread isn't closed I'd love to help Smile I've always enjoyed mapping and I have generally recieved good feedback in the past.
Sure, try to make some good maps.
I think we need some large scale maps. If some one can give me a layout and a theme, I will work in mapping it. I am thinking like somewhere between a medium to large CS or MW map, because we have enough small maps.
I've got a large map, and a small map completed and well tested. I am working on one more that is somewhere in between, when I get that done, I will post the three of them here as a map set.

Here is what you can look forward to:

Large- Set of islands
Small- Toxic Swamp
Medium- Scenes from the Pillar of Autumn- Halo 1
If you want i can test the maps before you post them. By test I mean look to see how it works on a variety of different machines. I know some computers have trouble with some maps depending on the size and such.
If so let me know via a Private Message.

Either way I can't wait to see the maps.
Sorry, these are waaaay over due. I am having trouble with the Bot paths, I can't find a tutorial or documentation for them anywhere. So if the bots don't act quite right on Autumn, I apologize:

Swamp- small
Autumn- medium
Pelago- large

Let me know what you think.
You can flood (used for all maps so far) or manually place waypoints for a map, but I should add the capability to distribute them through the server.
It is more setting up paths for the bots in tricky spots in the map that I don't get. Flooding with way points is no problem.
We need big maps but it has to be in a jungle theme
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