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Full Version: ACR Official Map Team
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Hey, I was wondering if we could get a bunch of people that like mapping, to make some pretty cool maps, that match the game flow well.

Maps that we will try to make official on ACR.

Is anyone interested?
sure count me in
I have some ideas for maps. Maybe maps in a road/train setting. In the future, there might be moving trains/cars, that kill you in one hit.
then i will extend the SK-Subway Big Grin
Ummm. I might be able to do it, but only in the weekends. I might get a nuke town from black ops in 4 months of try harding, and i might be able to make at least 1 mw3 map... if I can get some help, that would be great Big Grin

*** Sidenote.... make sure you get a server for us going Big Grin****
haha I will get a server going, now that i see ppl interested.

But Foyerhead, I really only play on the weekends anyways.
Me too
I'm working on a map now, so you can count me in as well Big Grin
will there be nuketown in the new version ?
Im working on rebuilding nuketown for here, from screenshots.
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