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Full Version: Onslaught
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Zombies : Duel :: Onslaught : DM
: = is to
:: = as

Onslaught mode allows humans to fight randomly spawning enemies, without the need to wait for the round to end.

However, this differs from zombies as it gives all zombies 500 HP + 50 armor, and humans get 500 HP + 2000 armor. If you get wounded, you're screwed. Getting a health pack doesn't heal wounds in onslaught mode.
sounds cool...
Now only if there were zombie skins....
Onslaught sounds cool, and zombie skins are cool, heres an idea, under change skins option put zombie skins.
that sounds awesome Big Grin or, if it isnt too hard, you could just make another "team" like cla and rvsf and its the zombie team but theyre only in the zombie modes Smile