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Full Version: StreakMeter - with Pictures
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You've probably wanted this; you've always been worrying about what your killstreak is.

Now, you no longer have to worry about that anxiety!

Our new StreakMeterâ„¢ will show you how close you are to getting your rewards, and conserve HUD space!

For the airstrike, it's in x<number of your airstrikes>
For the radar/nuke, it's in a special notation.
<number affecting you>:<most important time in seconds to 3 significant digits>

Radar: <number of teammates with radar>:<last radar earned - time remaining>
Nuke: <number of players with nukes>:<first nuke earned - ETA to deployment>

We even highlight your current streak that you are working towards in green, and slowly flash it in order to not disturb your gameplay.

Here's the pictures/images/screenshots:

[Image: yiLff.png]

[Image: LgZpN.png]

Radar (accidentally occluded)
[Image: wJRnY.png]

Nuke pending (with radar)
[Image: RyngO.png]

Almost nuked!
[Image: vBZF7.png]

[Image: GEYI7.png]
Wow that is going to be Awesome!!! Not pushing, but when is it coming out?
As soon as the Release 2.3.1 comes out.
Will that release be in December?
It will be probably tomorrow.

My 2.3.1 task list is almost empty.
seems great. can you also make an option to disable it? dont like too much stuff on my screen xD
AWESOME, now how do I fast-forward time?
go to "Start" -> "Control Panel" -> "Clock Language and Region" -> "Date and time" ...
Any new weapons & modes?
Of course. We have Onslaught mode and Bomber mode.
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