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Full Version: Bomber Mode
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This is very similar to "search and destroy" and "sabotage", but you can spawn after 5 seconds of waiting (like any flag mode), and 2 bombs are in play.

You can call it "reverse/inverse CTF".

You pickup your own flag (bomb), and go suicide bomb the enemy base.
If you're successful, your bomb goes off and you score a point.
If not, and the enemy touches your bomb, they "defuse it" and you need to get a new one from your base.
cool dude finally[ Big Grin
Its good, except when the bots pick it up... can you make it so they cant? otherwise, the game can get ruined if your only in single player....

  1. You can always use /subdue <cn>
  2. Development is being made so that bots navigate with flags.
So does subdue make them drop the flag?
No, you should try it then see.

Open the game and type "/subdue 0" or even "/subdue".
I tried it Smile Nice Smile Would that command work for campers in the future? lol
It already works for campers.
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