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Full Version: Best Yu-Gi-Oh! Card
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[Image: q9ULP.jpg]
here is a better one Smile

[Image: wii_card_220.jpg]
But it doesn't destroy all of your opponent's decks.
yeah but your card destroys your deck too -.-
and if you play the Wii you will automatically win Wink

and your life Big Grin
You guys got it all wrong!
[Image: mr6zd.jpg]
geez, this is the best card
My cards are the ones that says "Copyright 2011 Victor" at the bottom right. Except this one.

[Image: v3ZJr.jpg]
[Image: 459718_Funny_Yu_Gi_Oh_cards-s333x493-36181-580.jpg]
And none of these cards in this thread, except mine, are created by their posters. I'm disappointed.
here, I´ve created this card Smile

[Image: quyefxle.jpg]

lol noobs xD
i have the best!
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