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Full Version: Auto Updater
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I will create an auto-updater that will download new packages if there is a new update available.

Instead of launching the game through the batch file, you can open the updater. It will launch the game for you if there is no update detected.
Finally. Smile
However, this feature is exclusive to Windows.
Where do we get it at?
It's still under developement to get the official ACR Launcher!!! Enjoy!
I never heard Victor mentioning a "official" ACR Launcher. download it at your own risks.

Microsoft Security Essential returns False
Virus Total (0/44):
Its open source. The base code is on the Google Code project. Its open source to prove its not virus. Smile But test and report what you think. It work really well. And more features are to come. Big Grin
I might try to make a C++ version of it. We should try not to use as it isn't fair to other Operating Systems and also in some part takes away more from the part of AC being cross platform. It isn't a horrible idea but needs some work IMO.
The ACR Launcher is currently only on windows. I will make it support other Operating Systems soon. Smile Enjoy windows users! Mac and Linux is coming soon Smile
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