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Full Version: Mutators
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This feature was inspired by Red Eclipse.

This allows modifiers to be applied to multiple game modes.

A new mutator will be implemented: the "convert" mutator.
You are on teams and the round ends if everyone is converted into one team. Every kill on an enemy makes them join your team.
Yeah I was playing on an AC server like that once.
thats basicly mutation mode in a game i've played.
Well, think of it as a "reduction" of game-modes to some basic modes. Then "modifiers" can be applied to any gamemode, and makes many versatile combinations.
will there be a / command?
You have to use
/muts <flags of all of them...>

You can create aliases for your favorite modes/maps eg
/cd - CTF ac_desert3
/td - TDM ac_desert
and so on...