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Full Version: Pending: 2.3.2 - Christmas Edition
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It fixes the demo bug, and will have new gamemodes, and even more combinations with mutators!

Coming out December 24, 2011.
It will be called 2.4 RC 2 - Christmas Edition.
Awesome I can't wait dude! You're doing an amazing job!
nice new forum look btw Wink
aww so close to my b-day december 21
Victor i found a good gun replacement for the Pistol
Heres how it looks ingame:
[Image: 2h7di0p.jpg]
Think3r, What about aim in? See thru the sight?
Ideas must go to the IdeaTorrent.
(2011-12-17, 08:41 AM)Nightmare Wrote: [ -> ]Think3r, What about aim in? See thru the sight?

Nightmare you cant just ads any weapon on ACR,Victor mod's the weapon to make it ADS.

(2011-12-17, 09:44 AM)Victor Wrote: [ -> ]Ideas must go to the IdeaTorrent.

Yes I know im just too lazy to sign up in yet another site :|.
@Nightmare @Think3r:

@Think3r: You can login with an OpenID, such as your Google Account.