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Full Version: Bot Names
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Now, bots are randomly named!

[Image: Omzfi.jpg]

I left two funny names in there, Gen. Nonsense, and Maj. Stupidity.
that's not really funny LOL. "Mr.Trolls-you-alot" "Ms. UMADBRO"
I added Sn. Stains and Pvt. Parts.
Corny stuff -_-

How bout a bot named "Yourself"
There is a bot named "unarmed" (which was actually caused by a glitch).
DieHard (from original AC )
Mr. Trolol

just thinking about some names -.-
it is not so important that you add them, I was just thinking about the names because it was so booooring Big Grin
excuse me,sir i can add bot names? i've edit bot names in config>default.botnames,but the name of the bots still + and -.what should i do to display bot names,sir?