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Full Version: 2.3.3 New Year's Patch
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Just because the 2.3.2 release went all wrong!

You may download the full package, or there is also a 2.3.3-delta package, which only includes the changes.

I will continue to remove bugs until December 27, 2011 and release 2.3.3. This patch is dedicated to New Year's Day (Saturday, January 1, 2012).
greatBig Grin can't wait too beta test it and help this get better

It's out now. This is now truly the last release for a few months, so enjoy it.
just thought id come and say its all fixed Big Grin no lags at all now thanks Big Grin
Guess what, the Windows server crashes after 2min exact I tested this 4 times and it did the same thing.
@KriS: Please post in the correct thread, and do not create a new thread if a recent one already exists.

@Nightmare: I could not reproduce this issue with the 2.3.3 Windows Server. Connected for 3 minutes without a crash.
I mean if you are playing on your own server.
At least take a screen shot if you get a crash.
Heres the real prob, theres no error or debug code!
At least I know that it was a segfault.

The hard part is finding it.
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