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Full Version: 2.3.2 (2.4 RC2)
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It fixes the demo bug, and introduces many new features.

It is being packaged and uploaded as I write this message.

This is the last release for at least 2 months, so enjoy!

On January 1, 2012, there will be a delta patch to fix some bugs. It replaces a few files, but will not have a full repackage.
Yay! I'm going to dowload it now!
Not on the website yet?
Ok, WTF went wrong...
Wow, something F***** up every round lasts 1min, cannot pickup anything, server crashed.
Please take a screenshot if there is a crash.

Don't worry, one server crash and the position bug are already fixed.
What went wrong with the 2.3.2 release?
Allot of stuff
such as?
Server gliches pickups not working.