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Full Version: registered to help with the game
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Hello, me, restcoser registered on this forums not just to enjoy the game, also to help the developmetn, because it seems to have ceased half a moth ago.Confused
I think development of this game needs to continue, even if one dev doesn't want to continue.
I think the game is great, but far from completion.
It needs:
*maps(there i can help for sure)
*better textures/more textures ( can help there maybe also a bit)
*better playermodels(not sure if i can help there
*better/more powerful perks
*themed layout ( can help there)
*higher falling damage (Right now you barely notice falling damage)
Poorly I am not very experienced with C++ and therefor can't really help with coding. I took a look at c and c++ a while ago, but right now my coding skills are just in delphi.
I'm willing to learn more C++ and help... but not alone.
Thats why i joined this forums.

(some information about me: 16 years old, running linux)
welcome Smile I can help with some graphics, but other than that I'm just a player lol
I can do some mapping as well. but honestly, I don't think we will have to worry about that much. Once players start coming, there will be an awesome ammount of maps Smile

I just began learning C++ a week ago, in order to help develop the game.
If you wanna learn it with me, or anything, that'd be cool.
I already know some c++, have some books here about the topic. Yes, it would be cool, and we can do that Cool , I just hope for more people join the project.
(I guess my experience in c++ is not more than yours Blush )

restcoser, please do not quote posts directly in front of yours.

C++ is not that difficult to learn. One of the key things to notice is that it allows pointers, which most other languages omit.
Well. Learing C++ has actually been alot of fun.

But thats a useful tip victor, thanks.

EDIT: victor, what else should I learn, before I help to try and develop the game?
C++ is similar to languages such as Java, JavaScript, C#, VB .NET, Python, PHP, but with pointers.

You should also learn SVN or other version control software.