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Full Version: Assault Cube 2 Cube 2
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Just wanted to know if and when Assault Cube 2 Cube 2 (the Cube2 version) will come out ?
Please explain more?
There is somebody, called Sabertooth ... he wanted to port AssaultCube to the Cube2 Engine.
here is the link
there are many pictures of his work.

And I thought that maybe anyone in this Forum would know if and when it will be released.
Does anybody know something about this projrct??
No, but I might like to join his project.
this would be awesome ! *____*
Awwh,the I just see an abandoned locked thread there :X. Are there anywhere signs of life from Sabertooth?
ja hier im forum gibts einen der so heißt aber ich glaub nicht dass der das ist.
english: There is someone registered in this forum who is named Sabertooth, but I dont think hes the men we look for.
He's clearly not the "men" we're looking for, but he does talk about AC2 in this forum.
He might be the "man" we're looking for, given that he is a male. We can conclude that he is the "person" that you are looking for.
okay I see its the person we are looking for.
sorry but I already mistake with "men" and "man" Sad

okay he/she just needs to go online Big Grin
Sabertooth's Forum Info
Last Visit: 10-28-2011 07:29 AM

Err, has not been online a while.