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Full Version: Weapons Balance
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I think because the M16 is the bigger weapon it should have more recoil than the MP5, but the MP5 should have a lower magazin and less damage.
the shotgun is perfect, the changes of intervention , M21 and pistol will make these weapons perfect, too.
Good Job Wink
Fubizz have you ever shot an M16? There's about a 6 inch kick for every shot. I know this because my father owns one.
The SMG is supposed to deal more damage at close range, and the AR at longer ranges.

As a result, the SMG should fire faster and be less accurate.
I think, that are too effective.1 shot for kill you.

Intervention: final damage (long range) to 65 (80/325), to reduce one-hits to legs at long range

This may be better settings for intervention. One shot for breast dont kill you,
but its kill you if you are weak.

Double pistols are also too effective, that maybe make the more inexact or/and slow down at rate of fire.

Sori bad English.
This thread was created long ago.

The Intervention is only 70 at the end (98/350). There are no 1-hits at long range anymore (except the head). This is observable in TwinTowers.

For your math information: 65 * 1.4 = 91, not 80.
Sorry my mistake Angel

How about Double pistols?
Are you keep that same.

Edit: No need to quote the post before you.
We're going to keep them the same as 2.5.4, unless there is reason to do otherwise.