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Full Version: Ideatorrent Offline
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So.. I just recognized that the IdeaTorrent is offline... so I think I will just tell you my new ideas:

- There should be a new fifth weapon slot, which is only available when you`ve got the stealth bomber,nuke,or Live Radar....
it should be a remote control, like the one in CoD which will be used to activate nuke, Stealth Bomber, Live Radar and earn some points for activating.

- The Stealth Bomber is very low so I thought it would be better if there are random points in the map which will be bombed... I mean that there is not one single explosion at one place but many explosions on many random points in the map.. but just the field under the sky should be the target.

- its just too easy to lose the nuke... so I thought it would be better when the nuke will be planted (like a bomb) when activating with the remote should be somethin like a box but for a start it should be just a yelloow flag or somthing else.

these are just my ideas and I thought there would be more fun this way.
I am not really sure if you want these features too, so pls comment this thread and say what you have to say.

And one question ... when will the IdeaTorrent will be online again?Smile
The IdeaTorrent will be back online when SourceForge fixes it.

The nuke isn't hard to earn, but it's hard to prevent it from being lost.
In theory, one "weapon slot" exists for every weapon. You just don't get ammo for unused ones. Adding new weapons would require adding damage, range, etc.
ok lets wait for the others to comment and rate these ideas... do you think you are able to implent these ideas ?
The IdeaTorrent is online. Post to there instead.

I am able to implement any idea, but won't implement all of them. For example: we don't have prone animations, so no prone feature.