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Full Version: Need new official maps
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Hello, ACR forums!
We are in need of new offical maps! Anyone can make one, the rules are as follows:
  1. Must follow these guidelines:
  2. No rip offs of the current official maps.
  3. No rip offs of AC maps.
  4. No @camper maps.
  5. No gemas.
  6. No more than 2 maps per-person/player
  7. Max of 3 people can work on a map
  8. Map names must start with acr_
Please be original.
I would like to start making maps on a regular basis, I will post them here if that is okay? I'll try to stick to the guidelines mentioned above. Here is one I made a while ago loosely based on the first level of Halo 1. It needs a better skymap but the map itself is pretty solid.