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Full Version: Master Server Not Replying
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Hey guys,
My friend just got me back into fps with this game. But when i try searching for servers "Master Server not replying" is the error i get.
I can manually join servers however and i was just wondering if someone knew what my problem is and/or could list the ips of servers people are usually playing on so i can manually join them.
Many Thanks Hayden.
The master-server could have been down during that time.
Please try again.

The master-server is at
My friends has been able to connect to the master server when I've been trying to get on.

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just go on the ak 24/7 clan server xD
Wait till 2.3.2, then you can always use "/connect"
When is 2.3.2 coming out?
next year LOL
Whenever I try to connect to a server it shows me the progress bar then when the server list comes up, nothing shows up and in the top left corner it says "master server is not replying". I also downloaded Assaultcube Reloaded Master server from Sourceforge but I don't know how to install it Sad.
SourceForge Project Web seems to be overloaded sometimes. If the problem occurs too much, use my fix.

Here is the server list:

Copy and paste (view source) into [home]/config/servers.cfg

I'll sticky this, since it's important for when the MS is slow. However, we don't have any servers yet, so it's still useless. Nightmare runs a server on weekends, so come back on those days.
When I try to save the edit to the servers.cfg it says access denied.
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