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Full Version: Microwave Gun
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This gun make no sound, making you not show up on the radar. In addition, it has a big 4 second battery, extremely low recoil and the only way to detect it is when you see the arrow damage indicator. You can only see the splash of the wall decaying and a bullethole.

However, the drawbacks of this new weapon are that it has low ammo (9 kills per mag/starting ammo at the most with all torso shots, can hold enough ammo for only 18 kills, compared to assault rifle with 9.6 kills per mag and enough starting ammo for 38 kills) and low damage output (225 damage per second, compared to the assault rifle's 438 damage per second). The damage is 9-5 from 15m to 20m. Therefore no blood shows up from enemies (1 blood piece per 10 damage done). It also does not push the players that take damage from it.

Try it in the SVN.
"making you not show up on the radar"- very good idea, I still think it can be replaced with something more realistic, and the weapon would have to have a bit of sound(like sub sd,nailgun or a stake gun), good to infiltrate in bases(ctf)
The real life version of this would just be able to prevent a person from moving. It sort of is realistic, except in real life the battery would probably slow down the user a lot.

This gun is now REMOVED.