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Full Version: Game Mode Suggestions
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i think that.....

1- There should be a hostage rescue mode (One Team Has 2-3 Hostages and the other team should escort them back to the hostage rescue area. )
2- There should be a V.I.P mode (both teams have a V.I.P and must eliminate the opposing force's V.I.P to win the round)
3-There should be a headquarters mode (there are specific areas on the map that teams can take over - first one to capture all headquarters wins the round.)

Other things- for kill confirmed mutator i think u should take dogtags instead of KTF flags.
The Cube 1 engine may not be able to support a hostage rescue.(Like CS:S)
In a way we already have that, yet may be "fully" implemented.
I am building my own game off of Cube 1 engine, and it may not support that.
Ok. what about the other two modes?

I would at least like to see the other two modes.
All 3 lined go for all 3 of your modes...
You must submit to the Issue Tracker ("Suggestions + Bug Tracker" at the top of the forum) to request coding-related enhancements. An issue report (request for enhancement) must be created for each of the three below.

Here are my replies:
1) The bots suck, but it might work.
2) There is hunt-the-flag as VIP right now.
3) This is OK, but maps need to be modified to support it.

The reason we have flags is because we don't have dog tag models.