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Full Version: New logo.
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We need a new logo, and I have been put to the task of it. I will be posting my progress, in the design. With this we will have AC off our back completely. They will have nothing to complain about. I just want some input on what you want in our new logo. I have just Gimp, so I'll make due with that.
I think we should have multiple logos to vote for, so I shall consider creating one too.
Yes, well I would like some members to build a logo if they want.
If you don't finish that logo, I have you backed.

[Image: HT3AW.png]
I'm game for a new logo design.

I know GIMP really well (v2.8 is awesome!). I will throw some ideas around this week and post my best executions.
If possible, try to use vector graphics (.svg, Inkscape?/Illustrator?) instead of raster graphics...

I will probably start with a huge raster then run it through a vector map. Is there a good opensource vector program I could take for a spin?

I have a student license of Illustrator (CS3). Where this is "Not for profit," I don't think Adobe would get too upset about that.
I said InkScape is an alternative... but if you have Illustrator, you should probably use it.
[Image: OiZPm.png]
It aint perfect but i can make it better just a test.
LOVE IT !!!!!
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