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Full Version: Client Positions
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The client sends the positions of every client and every head, making the hit detection "just like AC". However, the server ignores them unless you change it (-l2 to support laggers, at risk of OPK hacks), but trusts head deltas. To use complete server-sided detection, use -l0. The default is -l1.

EDIT2: The following does not apply
Since laggers complain about shooting and not hitting anyone, I'm going to add lag compensation.

It stores your position for 1 second (40 positions/sec * (3 floats + 1 int) * 4 bytes/(float or int) = 640 bytes per player)

It will do linear interpolation when possible, then attempt extrapolation (for players over 1000ms ping). It uses your ping, and attempts to find the location where you should have seen the enemy when you were shooting.

NOTE: no lag compensation for nades, or other projectiles.

EDIT: It doesn't work, so I'll add a feature to use client-sided position reporting.