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Full Version: BEST SERVER EVER - jos - Admin abuse - suggesting a temp server ban
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When: 06/08/2012 around 3pm (PDT UTC-8+1 = UTC-7)
What happened: jos ( the server admin ) banned everyone in the server so that he can play alone, except for victor because he had the master also i think. there were total 8 or 9 people in the server.
Server involved: BEST SERVER EVER
[Image: 198mrl.jpg]
[Image: 2ebfqtd.jpg]
console log: (read the highlighs)
a lot of players were there. they can also prove this.
I'm suggesting punish this server by banning it from the masterserver for sometime. length? i dont know what would be appropriate.
The master-server rules dictates a 2 month ban with appeal immediately, but our master-server rules at this time does not prevent server abuse.

We must be fair, so we cannot give any ban, yet.

Their server is more like a "WORST SERVER EVER" to me lol
alright sounds fair. but i got my eyes on that guy. and indeed he should change the server name to "WORST SERVER EVER" lol Smile
Also, I got off before he could ban me, then he came on my server and told me to fuck off and give him admin.
However, profanity is conflicting with freedom of speech. You may set a local server rule that prevents begging for admin (and ban him at your server), but that's not a master-server rule.