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Full Version: imagine this, ACR iz Bigger Then AC (not officially)
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i woulda imagine, AC faze out, and ACR went [fontsize=11] Big and popular [/fontsize].Cool
i would find dat crazy!,
it's bigger "than" ac... Tongue
AC - 44.8 MB
ACR 2.5.2 - 51.8 MB

I think ACR is actually bigger (by 7.0 MB).

AC - ~100 servers at one time from my experience
ACR - 0 server minimum, 4 server peak

AC is more popular right now.

I wish that ACR were more popular than AC, but I don't think the size matters (see above). In fact, if ACR could be smaller, it would be better (faster download).
yeaam size dont matter, WHO CARES?,like fo Real!
and when i meant "BIG" i wasn't refering to Size

(2012-08-14, 09:24 PM)THESOUNDOFRAP Wrote: [ -> ]and ACR went [fontsize=11] Big and popular [/fontsize].Cool
If ACR become more popular, we shall be happier. << Extremely formal grammar was used.