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Full Version: Vote for the new logo!
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If you look at this forum's new logo, you can select the one that you think best suits AssaultCube Reloaded.

In order to fit the timeframe for the next release, this poll will run for 7 days. There must be at least 8 (since 7.5 won't work) people voting for a logo, or else the timeframe should be extended.

EDIT: 21 day extension (until the 23rd)
MORE EDIT: 28 day extension (until the 30th)
is there even a single suit in this game? that's like a James bond look not assault cube
There aren't any biohazards in this game either...
Of course there is no biohazards that's why we are wearing gas masks and deploying nukes...
Actually, deploying a nuke isn't a biohazard. A biohazard is a biological (living) material (bioorganism) that can harm humans, which is not in this game.

So yes, there are no biohazards in this game. But if you like that logo more, then that's the one that you should vote for.
well i really dont like anyone of the icons.. if i need vote i choose the number 3
Then go to the top of this page and vote for it.

I feel that I'm doing this project harm by postponing the next release until the logo is decided. The next release is being done with logo 3, since 1 and 2 are unsuitable for this game (no James Bond, no biohazards).

Whatever logo wins this vote will replace the site logos, and the following releases.
In defence of my logo, spilled blood is considered a biohazard in the United States and the medical field.

So yes there is a biohazard in the game, but it is not part of the mechanics of the game beyond getting wounded.
Actually, the blood disappears after 10 seconds by default, and 30 seconds at the most. If you want, do "/blood 0", so that there is no blood, thus there really isn't any biohazard substantial enough that it belongs in the logo.

If your logo wins, it will be set as the site logo, and subsequent versions of this game.
True, I should have made it with the nuke symbol instead.
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