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Full Version: Ban
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I am requesting the ban of a user that goes by the name Fat_Boy. for repeated abuse and bad language as well as attempted banning for no reason.
Each thread MUST contain:

    The name of the person or server to ban in the title
    IP or IP ranges (within reasonable ranges) is unacceptable, if banning
    The IP range, if given, should be accurate to their ISP's block. For example, if he is in, but the ISP has the block of, post both.
    A reason
and please provide more information and evidence.
Well, we can't ban without information, so this thread will be left open for you to enter the info.
I think I ran into problems with him as well, he said I was cheating and voted to ban me when I simply had a high ping. My ping was high because I was attempting to play ACR in the car through my 3.5G phone.

I will keep an eye our for him.

(3.5G = 3G on an Android phone that has had virtually all bandwidth limitations removed, speeds sometimes up to 200 KBs)
Today, I noticed a high amount of immaturity. They (multiple players) banned me, but of course, I have auth.

For the Master-Server rules, they do not prohibit vote abuse except by admins, but I, representing the AssaultCube Reloaded Task Force, prohibit vote abuse, which is bannable by the Master-Server rules. I'm the only member of the ACR team who represents this issue, so 100% > 65%, and it takes effect.

But the solution is to fix this problem is by code, not by bans. By setting high kick/ban ratio requirements, vote abuse can be reduced, but the weak votes should be set higher.

For 2.5.6, I will be sure to increase weak ban votes to 90%, and weak kicks to 85%. I also need to make it only allow one kick/ban vote within a longer period of time.