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Full Version: Where do I find instructions or descriptions of weapons?
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I looked on the wiki here:

and that lists the weapons, but it doesn't tell me much about them. For example, when I press F, the Assault Rifle has some fragmentation effect, and I don't know how to obtain the Microwave Gun or the Crossbow with exploding tip. The in-game controls don't tell me much of anything either. Is information about this on the wiki and I'm just missing it?
Microwave Gun and Crossbow have been removed from the game. The crossbow was replaced I believe with the RPG. The wiki is a baby work in progress and hasn't been worked on much yet.
What about stuff like fragmentation/bombardment and all that? Is there any information about that anywhere?
I don't know of anything yet, but I do plan to post some stuff soon when I have time.
That wiki is WAY out of date... I last updated it months ago...

F is the airstrike... see the Killstreaks.
I could update the wiki if you want Victor.
Thank you--I noticed that you alreay have.