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Full Version: SK Server
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Clients: 12
Admins: SK Members, SK EX Members (need PM me to get your pass)
Server Availability: On and Off. (Do not expect me to be on a lot, i have school)
Contact: read server extended info
Version: always running with the latest version

Everyone is welcome Big Grin
Thats great, which version is this for? SVN?

i think it's 2.1.4
im not sure i will double check later.
i would like to know the version too Big Grin
it's 2.1.4
oh okey . where are you from:O?
it's in your PM Big Grin

EDIT2: I dont think the server is working. although i do get the message from masterserver that says i successfully registered my server. i need someone to test it out for me
Your server is down. But the master-server will check if your server is reachable (before 2.2).
I think that you havnt forwarded ports correctly Smile
@Vic: of course it's down. i dont run it 24/7
@Dark: like i said before, if i did not portforward correctly, would i get that "successfully registered" from masterserver??

i just need someone to test it out
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