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Full Version: Some idea
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I thing than this game neet some new points awards(kill streaks),points bonus(perks),weapon,gamemode and other change.

6 points system

you have 6 points what you can use what you want.
example 6 points for points bonus, no guns or exlosive, only knives(or other 0 ponts need thing)

primary weapon use 2 point (maybe you can take 2)
secendary weapon use 1 points(you can take 2 different)
exlosive or other 1 poits(maybe can take 2 different)
points bonus use 1-3 points one(you can use how many as you want)
knives use o points(choose 1)
points awards(maybe 0-1)
Some gamemode may have more or less points.


you can choose what you want on the bonusbox(its what you get on duoble pistols)
example double mac-10 replace mac-10 if you want that.

bonusbox bonus
-double weapons
-full ammon
-full armor
-full heal(instantly)

new/modified Points awards

-almoust same as kill Streak but you get its win helping your
team(kill enemy,capture flag etc.)

-yours team see where are enemy.
-neet neet
-jammer radar
-yours enemies map has been jammet
-radars must be inserted in land
and its effect will be lose, if radar will destroy(if engine will enable).
-radars also could be player how has get the poits awards or
it coud be on flag(player carry on the flag)enemies could stolen it and use it.

-spy plane
- almoust same as radar but its only fly over the map.
-jammer plane
-almoust same as jammer radar but its only fly over the map.
-planes cant shoot down(if engine give up it will be shoot down).

-heavy outfit
-you get 50% bonus on healt and armon(for full).
-speed returns
-your healt return almous instaly for 100%.
-start whem normal healt regression(only one time on poit awards).

new/modified weapon
-add more menu
example primadary weapon
automatic shotgun
double-barreled shotgun

-can throw(5 in storage)
-5 in storage

throwing knives
-weaker than knive
-10 in storage
-faster throw than knive

-longer range
-cant throw
-more poverful than knive

primary veapon
-2 poits need
-can get only one

double-barreled shotgun
-2 ammon in mag
-you can carry 42ammon(16 in start)
-poverful ammon in short range(longer than normal shotgun)

-remove crosshair

-moved to primary veapon
-mayby bigger exlosive
-mayby lover/bigger damege
-you can carry 15 ammon(5 in start)
-better sounds

cluster grenade laucher
-1 ammon in mag
-one small exlosive with spreads 3 smaler granade
-secendary veapon
-you can carry 10 ammon
-slow reload

pistols(get for box perk)(if you get this on spesial box you will get it for secendary veapon)
-double pistol(two normal pistol changes)
-more accuracy
-slover firerate
-can get on with perk or bonus box

double mac-10(uzi etc.)(get with perk)(if you get this on spesial box you will get it for secendary veapon)
-extreme inaccurate
-extreme recol
-can get on with perk or bonus box

double Revolvers or handguns(get with perk)(if you get this on spesial box you will get it for secendary veapon)
-faster firerate than normal(Revolver or handgun)
-not so accuracy than normal(ravolver or handgun)
-can get on with perk or bonus box

secendary veapon
-1 poits need
-can get 2 at same time(replice primary veapon)

Revolver or handgun
-poverful ammon
-6 ammon mag
-low firerate(versus normal pistol)
-you can carry 60 ammon(18 at start)

mac-10(uzi etc.)
-fast fire rate
-huge recol
-big mag(50 ammon)
-you can carry 300 ammon(100 in start)

granade laucher
-1 ammon in mag
-small explosives damage
-secendary veapon
-you can carry 10 ammon

flare gun
-small exlosive damege
-what you shot is small time in fire
-1 ammon in mag
-you can carry 10 ammon

sawn-off shotgun
-2 ammon in mag
-sawn-off versio on double-barreled shotgun
-poverfull half on double-barreled shotgun range
-you can carry 28 ammon(16 at start)

granade or other

flash granede
-you know what it do

smoke granade
-smoke cloud

hand radar
-when hands you see enemis in radar
-you can hit player on radar spike(small damege)

hand jammer radar
-when hands your ennemy on near map will blurred some parts
-you can hit player on radar spike(small damege)

hand jammer/radar will can put on ground, if engine enable that.
or it could be throw on ground and it work for small time.

new/modified points bonus(perk)

3 poits bonus

exlosive man
-reduce exlosive effect at 25%

2 poits bonus

ammon collector
-get ammon when help kill enemy.
(5 at shotgans ,2 at snipers,15 at assault rifle,1 at laugher,20 at pistols)
1poits bonus

-150 heal at start
-heal will returns for 120

gamemodes amd other change

VIP-protect Very Important Person
-protect VIP(1 player on blue team)for red team, red team try kill VIP.
if VIP die blue team win, if all red die blue team win.
-VIP has only 2 points(and he cant take primary weapon or granade or other)
-red team dont know how are VIP

juggernaut versus all
-1 player are juggernaut, all player try kill him.
-judgernaut have 8 points the use but he are lot of slover than normal player.

and of corse
-juggment option all gammode(all player are juggerment or other team are juggerment)
-menu dont close if new round has start
-better resolution and setthings chooser for start
-bettet map editor
-easier ladder installation
-easier two layer making

i dont list all what i am thinging because some idea are alredy proposed.
and sori my english.