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Full Version: License?
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Hello guys,

I recently saw on an AC-Clan-Forum, that AC Reloaded is infringing the AssaultCube license. Well, I don't looked very well at the license, but as far as I understood it, it says, it may only distributed umodified on any media. Is this right or is everything okay?
AssaultCube Reloaded is in no way violating any licensing. What happened was when ACR first began to come into existence, the people at AC got upset. So after a while they changed their licensing. ACR is based on AC when it was under the ZLIB open source license ( and therefore is not breaking any license or infringing. AC developers have only recently changed the license to a ZLIB-like open source license.
I plan to write a HUGE and EXHAUSTIVE explaination of all of this in the next 2 to 3 weeks.
Their source is still under the zlib Licence.

Their "other stuff" is semi-free, and all remaining copyright issues are placed in the packages/README.txt of ACR.

Moved to "Copyright Complaints" because it is regarding the copyright. We run this place for them to complain about the copyright. Our policy: if the original author of any copyrighted content complains, we remove it immediately. So far, none of them have done so.