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Full Version: Microwave Gun REMOVED
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Suggest ideas for what it should be replaced with. I'm thinking to replace it with a handgun, such as a M9 for the player's "speed" classes to run quickly.
how about UMP or claymore?
Ak47 would kick some butts Smile
Maybe a semi-automatic rifle with 55-35 damage would kick more butts.
ah i hate semi ... (in mw2, they are for noobs. so are the noob tube )
UMP45s and claymores are also for noobs. The AK-47 is beaten by the TAR-21.

Or maybe this gun could be a "sword", which would be like the knife, but with longer range.
which is also done in the original ac by a_slow_old_man i believe.
Please don't quote preceding posts.

I couldn't find a sword by a_slow_old_man. But he does have a machete.
yea just did a search on the forum, turned out that mod wasnt there. but i think i saw it somewhere before. maybe made by someone else. i will keep researching
mp5k or mac10 for a speed class : ), or a semi auto carbine.
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