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Full Version: Forbidden Speech
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When chatting with other players, I frequently get a message that says "Forbidden Speech." When this happens, the words I typed appear in yellow instead of the usual green. This makes me think my messages are not visible to other players.

1) This happens when I type messages with no content that could not possibly be considered offensive. E.g. no swears, no insults, nothing. It could be something like, "Hello, how are you today?"

2) Why is ACR trying to check my speech in the first place? It seems ridiculous that I shouldn't be allowed to swear. This isn't kindergarten. And while I do think rude or insulting speech should be prohibited, I can't imagine that there is any way to write code that will be able to recognize this sort of speech reliably.
1) Yellow text means that it was denied by the server because it contained text that the server owner disallowed.

2) ACR's servers can set their own prohibited speech. However, we provide a preloaded list:

your mother
suck dick
big cock
asshole         // "ass" is not blacklisted
hurensohn       // "Son of a bitch" in german.
masturb         // See "wank".
necrop          // Ban names that mention some form of necrophilia.
filho puta      // "whore" or "slut" in portugese.

We use the same speech detection as normal AssaultCube 1.1. Maybe the server owner put "hell" into the forbidden list, blocking "hello". As you can see "ass" isn't blocked by our provided list, because it might block "assault". One time, I mentioned "AssaultCube Reloaded", but it was blocked because the server owner was smart enough to put "ass" into the block list.
I think there is something broken with this system. I recall in more than one instance typing something that was blocked, and then going through and trying each word individually, and *none* of them were blocked. I will take better notes next time and report back.
The system checks the words for a "80% similarity". Some compound words require that both words be found to be blocked (eg. "your mother": "your" will not trigger it, "mother" will not trigger it, but the presence of both will).
I have checked it: if the text you say contains the bad word by 80%, it counts as a bad word
If ABCD is forbidden: ABCDE will be blocked.
This is a coding-related bug. I'll fix it soon.