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Full Version: IM BACK!
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So i finally wiped out Vista on my laptop and now i have Windows 8. It is very fast. My laptop on vista booted up in ~30 seconds b/c i only keep necessary tasks. Now with Windows 8, i boot up in ~15 seconds. Hopefully i'll see you guys in the game! I was absent for a long time because i had to reinstall drivers (how fun).

The next version should come out before the end of the month.
Sounds good Victor. Got the AK skins yet?
Not yet, but my backup plan is to have no model for it...
No idea why it said undefined. But your backup of course is to put the AK specs on the M16 and rename it the Mk-47 or use the specs to put on a M-16 model and call it a AR-10. I kinda don't know what the M21 is gonna do though.