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Full Version: In a nutshell... AC copyright
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AssaultCube Reloaded is a fork of AssaultCube 1.0.4. They have two separate parts to deal with.

Source Code: 100% usable
zLib Licence. I don't claim that I made the original software. This is altered and plainly marked as "Reloaded". I provided attribution to AssaultCube.

Media: 99.9% (maybe add a few more nines) complete and usable
This one is a bit tougher, but was still easy to deal with. Most of their content was allowing reuse, and wasn't even created by AssaultCube. Some of them required attribution, which I fixed by adding readmes into the folder. For the "all rights reserved" ones, I left a notice so that they can come complain if they are the copyright holder.

Here is an example texture pack:
Ted Shouthard Wrote:They are free to use for non commercial use.

How about another?
copyright by arcitool
IMPORTANT: The offered files and images are meant to be freely downloadable. The files are not protected in any way, to allow high flexibility of usage and reproccession. Files may be altered in any way. Please mail us suggestions for changes, so we can assure future quality and replace files eventually.

All files and images may be used without restrictions in your projects.It is prohibited to offer those files as part of other texture packs or sell or distribute them in any other way without prior permission from arcitool.

You can't say that I can't use somebody else's work just because you used it. I assure you that most all (so far) of their complaints are false accusations. They're a bunch of idiots making invalid complaints. Just because AC used these copyleft textures, I cannot? What bullshit.

EDIT: 2 years later, and this is slightly updated... "Special Edition" is changed to "Reloaded".
It's good to hear that your game is "legal".
Anyway, i think that authors diserve some credit, imo you should add their names on their work.
Most of the game is legal. If it is not, I can claim fair use. But I'm yet to see some people come here to complain about copyright. If and only if they are the rightful owner of something that they may still have rights on I will process it (by "if and only if" I mean I will ridicule them if it is invalid). I believe a laptop model belongs to JCDPC, a scorch texture and fonts belong to makkE, and one of the "last minute" music belongs to Dietmar "DCP" Pier.

If I find out what font they used, and re-render the font, then that's one issue down. Or who knows, I think any font as generic as this is ineligible for copyright. What if Times New Roman was copyrighted?

EDIT: Confirmed, typefaces are ineligible for copyright. Suck that makkE.

I notice not many people bother to read the credits
[Image: creditz.png]
I'm not 100% sure but I think Victorz is (and was, except that it may have add some credits from the start but I think it had better things to do than writing credits xD) right in this matter.

The only thing for an 'if' depends on laws of the author countries. In Spain for example, despite the fact I can license a creation under CC I can still decide who can use my works and whom not.

Anyway, I don't really things this should be a problem from OpenSource games. For ACR devs, it should be a nice way so they can't start a game from 0, and for AC devs, it's an excellent way to open minds and see another process of development and ideas.

If you licence under CC + restrictions, you are not really licencing it under CC. It would just be considered as a CC-like licence.
Some textures of AC from cgtextures, but doesn't allow to use them in OpenSource projects. I noticed that, when made HiRes textures pack for AC.

I respect the work of others, but in our country free licenses doesn't work.
Are people so unobservant?

packages/Licencing Issues.txt:
It outlines every copyright issue that exists, and states that any copyrighted asset will be immediately removed and replaced upon request by its owners.

However, the only requests we receive are the ones saying our entire package is under AssaultCube's copyright, which it is not.

They say that they own copyright over items such as "textures". They actually don't have any texture that is copyrighted, not even one.

This is a false allegation of willful copyright infringement.