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Full Version: M82 (Barrett .50 cal)
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If someone creates a model and sound for this, it can be added. It will be both semi-automatic (M21's trait) and high damaging (Intervention's trait), but the recoil and kickback will be very high. It might even be used for a substitute to rifle jumping.
Someone please make it. I'm begging you
hmmmm Wink shouldnt take too long Tongue i might try spending quite a bit of time making sure i get this one right :L while im at it, me and victor were talking about extra pistols and maybe a few other weapons, so im begging people to come forth with suggestion to some new weapons, personally i think the game is lacking an extra smg or shottie. cmon guys, get involved.
LOL, padge1, i'm always here for non-COD-themed weapons selections! Make a thread about it and i'll add on what i think is essential. =)
@@DeltaStrikeOp, you can create a thread and suggest some weapon ideas.
Is it possible to add slower reloading times?
Wilco Victor.

Have fun reading boys!
If another weapon, like this one, is added, then 2.5.7 can be released.

We just need the model for it...

This weapon has been added, but the model is blank.

Here is a demo video:
That jump looks like a really cool version of grenade jumping from Halo. =D

you could try this. it will probably need to be converted to md3. i will look for sound
Barrett .50
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