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Full Version: New weapons (or basically new skins haha)
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hahahaha :L thought the 6mm was off :L balls... i cant really be arsed changing it now :L spent too long on the texture, ill try colour overlaying till i get the tan :L if i change parts to make it look like the scar h i will have to remap the whole gun because i do the whole uv into one to keep packages small for acr. glad your happy with it so far, ill gt the eotech done at some point today, got band practice later though, ill see how things turn out.

[Image: scar2_zps76570acc.jpg]


[Image: scarsight_zps25e749a2.jpg]


[Image: scar_zpsa3851fa0.jpg]

this pappy is now up for download and use in the modding/models thread guys Smile
If anybody starts making models then why not make this kinda thing that both team has diffrent weapons.All the specs are same with both team weapons,just the sounds and models are different.when i get my new pc ill start learning 3ds max so i can help too(ive always liked hk416-maybe i could be the one who makes it)
To have different models for teams/gamemodes wastes space and isn't needed. However, game mode skins (zombie skins) are even more of a waste than teams.
Ok,the XM8 sucks,but is a great site.There are really cool weapon models that we can use.When i played AC i had this FAMAS.Maybe there could be new weapon for m16,Replace it with FAMAS or make FAMAS a new weapon with it own specs(something like ak-47 but a little faster and stronger hit)
Then theres a 2 Scar models.Yeah i know 1 of them has holosight and no mag there but we could edit them.If you dont want to replace M16 with FAMAS model,change it to a better m16 model.

It wastes space??????????????????????
Who gives a shit?!?!?!
Right now weapons folder is 11.4mb!! lets say that we get all kinda new models with cool textures.I guess that its gonna be like 40mb folder that has weapon models for both teams.Assault cube reloaded is 51.5 mb ZIPPED.40 mb wont do shit.Its another cool feature that makes the game more cooler.We only need models.Soon im getting new PC and then ima start learning 3ds max and all that kinda shit.This is a good idea idk why the fuck you Victor dont like it!??!?!?!
ACR's unzipped size is what matters.

It is not worth the tradeoff if you have zombie models/skins, since it only appears in one mode. Team weapon models/skins are only applicable in non-FFA modes, but is it worth it?

60MB unzipped + 40 MB = Some people can't fit it on a 64 MB USB drive anymore!
Personally, I think the whole team based weapon system is cool, but I do see Victor's argument in that it wastes space. I don't think many people use 64MB flash drives anymore though. My smallest is a 256MB one from an old intel advertising sample. I hope this might be a later programming project for Victor and Ruler501.

But er, every weapon in a game must have pros and cons. For instance, the AK-47 in game is actually really overpowered, and Victor tweaked RPM and accuracy/hipfire to try and balance it out. Having a FAMAS be even more powerful than the AK is pretty weird too; The FAMAS fires the 5.56x45mm NATO round, while the AK fires the larger 7.62x39mm Russian. Also, the FAMAS is a broken weapon IRL. While the FAMAS is of bullpup configuration for CQB operations, there are cons in the design such as ergonomically incorrect magazine changes. Imagine this: even with your eyes closed, you can still grasp your hands. This makes magazine changes quick and efficient on a standard rifle. Also, there are many design issues with the FAMAS, one being that it F-'s up your brass. This is why they fire special steel-cased ammunition. Also, the rifling is bad. Another fun fact: French SpecOp (sounds much cooler than SF) soldiers use the common M16/4/variants. Kinda bad when your own warriors don't want to use the weapon they're issued. -__-

Anyways, that's the mil-geek's explanation as to why we shouldn't have the FAMAS in-game.

Also, xdEpiczombie, please be a bit more mature. If you don't like what Victor says, I'm sorry, but I guess you should design your own mod game and integrate what you want in it. Victor is trying to satisfy every gamer that plays this game, and he doesn't get paid. Nobody here gets paid for their work. If you funded this game, then you shall get whatever you'd like. =)
Some suggestion.
caribine(like original ac),its could be like m21 withoud scope.I spesialy want this.

Desert eagle or revolver, its could be more powerfull normal pistol with slower fire rate and and longer range.

Mac-10(uzi),huge fast firerate, low accuracy ,low range.Deadly at short range, useless at long.

Double-barreled shotgun, shotgun with 2 pipe, longer range and more power than normal(shotgun) but only 2 ammon on mag.

sawn-off shotgun,shotgun with secondary weapon slot ,its like Double-barreled shotgun but shorter range.

sorry my bad english.
The slug shotgun (before it was removed) resembled the carbine.

I remember that I have mentioned that I would like to add a Desert Eagle or revolver into this game (powerful, but hard to control)

The MAC-10 suggestion is already fulfilled by the MP5.

The shotgun idea is good, but do we need 2 of those shotguns (1 might be enough).
sweet suggestions guys Smile im liking these, i may have to remodel some of my work as im now on an animating craze (yet again these screens are not my hands, i still need to rig mine sadly Sad )

[Image: 20130412_214914_ac_depot_classic_teamdea...250bf0.jpg]

[Image: 20130412_214913_ac_depot_classic_teamdea...1f1622.jpg]
Sawn-off shotgun because it go on secondary weapon slot(you can use some other primary gun than shotgun).

double-barreled shotgun because it different than original,
with it you win 2 enemy but 3 kill you.

mp5 dont feel that it is high recoil.
Recoil are just joke on acr(except snipers),its should move on weapon not just expand the area to hit.

Sorry my bad english(again).
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