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Full Version: New weapons (or basically new skins haha)
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Do we really need two 2-shot type shotguns for the primary and secondary?

Also, the recoil is probably way too low (maybe that's why the game is too easy).
One last post

Can/will there be any world models for the weapons? Some of the models on this dude's website have world models. I think it just makes it look that much more bada--

And yeah, recoil is too low. Run n Gun is very effective; especially with hands + hipfire/steady perks.
We need two 2-shot type shotguns.

For example if you use sniper(long range weapon),you can still use shotgun(short range weapon)
and double-barreled because if you recommend use shotgun (but you want use different type shotgun).

I have other idea.
-long range weapon for secondary weapon slot.
-slow reload
-1 ammon in mag
The crossbow was replaced by the RPG, so we don't probably need to add it back.
New pistol idea:

The Glock 18 (either compensated or uncompensated, it's just for looks)

The Glock 18 would have a automatic fire mode and would have decreased accuracy,damage, and recoil compared to the "USP .45". This would help out snipers because of their reduced CQB capability.
you could send me your links to the weapons that you created?
nice Glock models! I dont think i've ever seen a silver, 2 toned G18 though.

So I guess a Glock 18 model is up. Developers, what are your takes on the G18 addition?
Recap: G18 compared to the USP .45
1. Automatic firemode
2. Weaker
3. Less accurate
4. Lower recoil
This weapon would help out snipers since their rifles are less than suited for CQB.
I dont like the auto fire mode idea.Maybe burst???

Now its all black Smile

[Image: qhg08clklkqrenrfg.jpg]

Awesome! Side note: your character is "teacupping" the Glock. When firing a handgun, teacupping does nothing to mitigate recoil.
Could you somehow rig the hands to do that? It's a more stable position that helps your recoil.

Sorry if I'm being nitpicky boys.

Another Screenshot, from another angle:
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