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Full Version: New weapons (or basically new skins haha)
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Anyway i think ill use another set of hands:

[Image: newarms.jpg]
(GER)Hi guys!I have downloaded the black scar-l yesterday and it's fantastic...where can I find more armory like that?...maybe FAMAS or

(GER)Hi guys!!I have downloeded the SCAR-L yesterday and is fantastic!...where can I find more armory like that?gg
how do i download skins for assaultcube reloaded you know weapon skins
We need a Tavor model, that is a bullpup With Great ergonomics and also has a really light trigger with a trigger mod which solves both problems with bullpups in general.
there should really be a carbine-type weapon like a M14 or a SOCOM-16 in assault cube reloaded. the carbine rifle in assault cube is nice and powerful. also, we should change the M21 into a PSG-1. the pistol should be a desert eagle. the shotgun would be cool as a AA-12 full-auto shotgun, but i don't think its possible. and there should also be a grenade launcher like a EX-41 grenade launcher or a China lake launcher [both out of service].
jarhead, we might implement a FN FAL rifle which is a battle rifle. There is a PSG1 skin for the M21 already. The pistol may have a Desert Eagle skin, but there is no need for one, I am already making a 1911 with more power than the standard 9mm. In real life, 50AE does not have a significant ballistic advantage over 45 (both make 50-45ish holes and 50 AE overpenetrates without expansion). AA-12 is not possible, because it is too OP. The only reason Call of Duty uses it is because they nerfed it so that buckshot disappears after 15 feet, which is unrealistic. A pump action shotgun with more damage may be implemented in the future though. Grenade launchers are too OP, RPGs are already annoying enough. Somebody will probably make a grenade launcher skin for the RPG though...
Yup, I'm still waiting on a SMAW or M320/230/EGLM skin for the RPG. Eh, great ideas jarhead, but I'm afraid it draws a lot of influence from games like CoD and counter strike.

As mossberg said, there will be a 1911 in future games, and hopefully there will be a Mk. 12 SPR added in game too (ever heard of it? ^_^ Hopefully ACR will be the first game to feature the true Mk. 12 SPR)
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