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Full Version: the Scar L is here :D
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this is the scar L replcement for the ak (my shiity ak :'( its so terrible :L), may be in future releases soon depending on how things go anyway, but im that happy with it i wanted to share it with you guys Smile

(download link)

to install:

got to your acr directory (wherever it may be)
open packages/models/weapons/assault2
here you might want to make a backup, just incase it goe tits up Smile
delete everything in here EXCEPT the menu and world folders.
drag all the files from this rar into here.

Texture choice:
make sure eotech.jpg is always there and named as it is.

there are two current textures at the moment for the weapon itself, depening on which one you drag into this folder from the rar, make sure the one you wish to use is called SCAR.jpg

and your all set Smile happy fragging.

(the eotech f***kin rules btw Wink didnt think it would work out so well)

Edit by Victor: I attempted to fix the link... just remove those <a> and </a> in the url
Thank you so much Padge1! YOU HAVE DONE IT AGAIN!
Eh, oh well, i'll just play with it and call it a scar 6.8mm

Im sure i changed it to 7.62 :/ :L
The reload animation doesn't work well for me (as an AK-47 replacement).

Also, the dot appears to be something floating, unlike other games.
Oh well, we'll somehow make the 7.62 NATO rounds squeeze in there. That, or we'll pretend it has a SCAR25 lower, and some company created a 7.62 capable STANAG mag.

Also, the EOTech is a red dot, instead of the crosshairs?
It makes it look more like a ITL MARS with a red dot.
Eh, just me nitpicking. LOL


Also, do i delete the regular scar l if i want the tan?

And Victor, I have the same problems as you. There's slight lag delay from reloading. The red dot doesn't seem to be floating for me; it moves with the EOTech.
I can't find it on my computer. The task manager confirm the download but i can't find where the program of your storage website put the files...
Downloads? O.O
It doesn't help me at all. Where can i find the Downloads folder you mean ?

This server force an unusual way to download. When I download something with the usual way, Firefox alway ask where, on my computer, the file is to download. Here there is no way to choose and it doesn't tell where it is downloaded. I checked all the plausible locations, without find...
I agree with you. I couldn't even open the link the first couple of tries. O.O

I wish I could be of more help, but I found it either in my documents or downloads. It is a .rar file, so open it with 7zip.

okay guys, a few apologies on my part here.

1. mega apparently sucks balls, it was meant to be really good as i used to use mega uploads for my work, i shall never trust them again, i am going through the complications that asmanel is having while im at school. i will re-upload through media fire, the site i intended to use originally as victor would know, but for some reason it ould even allow me to upload the file, i will also try rapid share and edit my post.

2. i now realise what you guys mean by the term "floating" red dot. i own a reflex and an eotech for my airsoft weapons, there is very little reticle sway in either of these when swinging the weapon fast, due to your eye not picking up everything perfectly that will only happen with a side laser, wich will sway because of long distances due to the speed of light or whatever it would be (i cant remember much from physics at school), the laser for an eotech and reflex are only millimeters away from the perspex. so barely any sway atall.

3. the small dot was personal preference and more of a test i should of mentioned that, i apologise, i will have a go at remaking it again, this just mean having to remap the whole gun again, the way i made this happen was when i made the sight, i made a cylinder and placed it where the dot would be in the sight, when it was uv mapped i just made it red... kinda cheating Tongue i originally had a plane that had a transparent png applied with the PROPER eotech reticule, but it refused to show ingame im afraid, so this is the best way to do it, i can make the proper reticule now i know how Smile

also delta, i realise now what you mean, i will add NATO next to the 7.62

okay guys fixed everything that is possible.

reload anim is now smooth
eotech is now the proper reticule
Added NATO to the text (stop being picky delta Wink:L )

same again for install, drag everything from my rar file to the assault 2 package (see my first post for more detailed info)

also to make things clear for texture choice, if you wish to use the tan texture, make sure that texture is named SCAR.jpg, same goes to the black texture, if you want to use it the it must be named SCAR.jpg. you may delete the unused one ore rename it in that folder if you ever have a mood swing and would like a different look Smile

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