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Full Version: engine change/attachments/ and other small things..
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ive been hunting around for engines and other free fps games, urban terror was one that i found and i quite enjoy it (although im having some problems playing) it has an attachment system that might be interesting for you to take a look at victor, you can add a suppressor and an laser sight, no scope/red dots as of yet but it might be a good thing to have a look at, i also downloaded cube 2 and red eclipse, the use .md5 instead of .md3 so i nee to look into .md5 more as the animation system seems strange :/ urban terror also supports full weapon animations, and ive been sneeking in on their forums about the anims, they use older versions of 3ds max than me but if i can get an md3 plugin we are set for animation Big Grin
It's easier to start a new game on a newer engine than to implement those features.

What do you mean exactly by "full weapon animations"?
i mean fully detailed reloads and stuff Tongue i also just realised something (dont know why i didnt pick up on this -.-) the md3 tag system is orginally used for joining other md3, use that for attachments if it is feasable
Well, ACR does have "fully detailed reloads", but no one has made the animations.

Unless I have a better way to aim down the sights (translation to a tag instead of animation), then we can't have any sight attachments. Also all of the weapons need to be designed fit the same attachments.
just saying that if some one tells me how can i make the reload animations work with md3.cfg file,i would do em,I just finished my reload animation for the new shotgun ripped from l4d2
no one seems to understand this :L you cant animate a reload with half a hand, it would terrible, the faces are missing from the fingers and back of the arm and hand, ive tried rigging it and it looks retarded :L i have fully animated scenes in 3ds max, i just cant find a plugin that allows me to export to an md3, i will download an older version of 3ds max and try this.
xdEpiczombie, if it's ripped from a non-free game, then it's a potential copyright issue.

Padge1, ACR and AC have vertex animation, so it's possible to animate every vertex.
who gives a shit
yeah i know it has vertex animation -.- but the hand models themselves dont have all faces, faces that arent seen are deleted, you can animate yes, but it will look terrible, im on the verge right now of having a fully animated weapon in with a hand rig i downloaded just for testing, it works in game but the weapon is inside the character :L i have to get the origins right and then make my own hand rig to make sure there are no copyright conflicts or flame wars :L epiczombie, aslong as you state that the work isnt yours there shouldnt be any problems :/ i would advise reading up on it first though.

also i notice that the quake 3 engine is free, i dont it would be any better though :/
xdEpiczombie, ACR and most projects will not include any ripped models due to copyright reasons, unless there is proof that their licence allows reuse.

Padge1, now I remember. You'll have to complete the faces for the hand because they are missing, then you can have full animation.
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