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Full Version: New sword
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Well, it is the Cube engine. xD

I remember some guy had a machete on Akimbo files. Like, the real deal. Sadly, machete's aren't sharp IRL.

But I agree, the "Sword" should be updated. I'm kinda tired of seeing a blunt pipe.

I agree with this. We should either change the sword to be called a pipe(If we absolutely can't find a model for a sword) or replace it with a real sword(much preferred as everyone loves swords)
Actually, the weapon called sword is graphically a pipe in the first person wiew and a knife in the third person view.

For a "true" sword, there will be two models to make, but if you prefer change it to a pipe, there will be a name to change and and a model to make.
If we go by that, ALL weapons would need new world models.
If someone creates a sword, we can replace it. However, no one is creating one right now.
There are thousands of free models out there what we can freely use.Sure we can find some of them that we can use.
The katana is good. I can adapt it for ACR.

I have added the katana as a new sword model. I have also colorized the world model red so that it can be distinguished from the regular knife.
sounds good to me!
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