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Full Version: Let's get some MP games up!
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Lately, ACR doesn't have that much action in the MP area. Should we have some game nights on designated servers?

I would be good with that. Me and some friends are having a LAN party in a little over a week. We'd be glad for some team games to play.
The online games also seem pretty empty most of the time so I'd love to have some real people to play against because the bots really aren't that fun after a while.
What is the MP area ?
MultyPlayer area
Okay, someone set up a time and we'll all log on and play

Hey Guys Im Back!
Scope's back on! This will be a fun week!
I've made a little montage nothing special but i will try uploading on youtube i will put the link up once i upload Smile
(2013-04-18, 06:14 PM)DeltaStrikeOp Wrote: [ -> ]Scope's back on! This will be a fun week!

im considering making a thread to designate times in which any player "plans to be on" perhaps abled to comment or a poll or something. ill figure it out, we really need advertisement gameplay and Bluwargy is a bit inactive, and not a good test subject because he couldnt hardscope a wall. (sorry buddy) but i do want the ACR Community to grow in population, we have unique project that doesnt see as much light as it should. whatever happened to steam greenlight??
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