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Full Version: Realism Setting (READ BEFORE YOU CRITICIZE)
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I think it's a really good idea and I would like to play this game mode! Smile
But I think maybe Victor can make an extra menu for "realistic" mode where you can enable those features, then you could play with all features or e.g. just add higher recoil for the Assault Rifles. Maybe you could remove the whole HUD to make it realism pure ? So that you can just see your weapon. Smile
Is the recoil in real life higher than what is in ACR right now? Did I make the recoil too small?

I've said this before: removing the HUD is something that hackers can hack (easily). I oppose this feature.

If a wounding system is added, the damage would have to be a lot lower or else it will be too easy to kill. Everyone would be a one-shot kill with any weapon.
Yes, IRL, recoil of the M-16 and AK-47 is way higher than right now. Currently, we can run n gun with the AR's effectively laying down a huge wall of lead. In real life, a semiautomatic shot from a 5.56 NATO throws off your aim much more than depicted in game. The AK's 7.62x39mm Russian literally just throws you off target every shot. Even insurgents know to only fire the AK in single fire mode. Same goes for the AK-74. In fact, military doctrine is to fire in single fire mode to conserve ammunition and ensure higher hit probability. Bursting and Full Auto is strictly reserved for emplaced or heavy weapons unless you are conducting MOUT type operations (Military Operations in Urban Terrain) where a wall of lead can do much harm. Then again, this game is CQB-type fighting, but I'd like for there to be a mode that shows the consequence of going cyclic (full auto) on a firearm. BTW, i realized that the recoil of the AR in vanilla AC is the closest thing for what I'm trying to say. The recoil is very high and it is pretty hard to keep a target in your crosshairs.

I understand what you mean when you say hackers can exploit the HUD feature. But even then, the HUD in game is pretty much useless as all it shows that is of importance is the number of rounds in your magazine, magazines left, and Compass/Map. The thing I really wanted to eliminate was the crosshairs and make it behave a lot like the sniper rifle in AC.

About the Damage system. I see what you're saying. However, if the "higher recoil" system is implemented, it will be harder to gun down a enemy. Also, if you tweak the ADS so that there will be some deviation, that will mimic real world weapon accuracy and make the game a bit harder for enjoyment. Also, IRL, it only takes 2-3 rounds to disable a fighting man. Tactical doctrine is to double-tap (2 rounds) every target to be sure that they're dead. Could you somehow implement that?

Thank you for hearing me out Victor. I see your standpoint, and I'm trying to convince you to have this feature. =) I will completely understand if you just tell us that this idea will not be considered in game.

Also, if this seems to be too complicated, what do you think of adding a M21 only mode? I really like the M21 for the game because it has characteristics that are similar for the game. Maybe call it "Designated Marksman" game-mode.
Well, then maybe the recoil should be increased so that it is between the current ACR values and AC values, to make it more realistic. I might have reduced the recoil way too much from AC.

The compass can be useful, and that might be the only reason to hack the HUD.
About weapons, their settings are, when possible, in the C++ source code, like in Cube.

Why not make more external the weapon, like in Eisenstern ?
Victor, maybe you could let the game check all files to be the same as the original to reset all changes hackers did... I mean, when you click on "Multiplayer" -> "Search for servers (ONLINE not LAN)" it should check if all files are OK and if not it should replace them with the originals, and then let it check every 5 minutes maybe and probably kick hackers ? I think it wouldn't be that hard if you add the auto updater to the ACR folder and do the download and replace progress with it ?
I agree with Fubizz's suggestion. There should be an implemented file integrity checker in ACR. The models however, should be untouched though, because I have Padge1's SCAR as the AK, and I'm hoping to replace the M16 and Intervention models as Padge1 uploads his work.
Fubizz, why do you read this here and now ?
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