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Full Version: Do not post anything in AC forum!
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(2013-04-29, 03:54 PM){ak}bluwarguy Wrote: [ -> ]Mind if I talk shit on their forum?

We're not going to endorse it, but feel free to do so. Just realize that they might not change their mind, so it's sort of pointless.
maybe try to reason with them then? at least persuade them that its not a bad thing at all

actually, i posted this:

oh and heres my profile (before they delete it)
I guess they think we're "not cool" enough for them. I would try to reason with them, but seeing Victor and your profile getting deleted just makes me unhappy.

They don't have any good reason to hate us, other than the fact that this game is way more beginner friendly, and ACR certainly improved their game. I don't know much about licencing, but to my understanding, Victor didn't break any licences.

I wish some original developers of AC/Cube could talk to us and actually try to reason with us.
But how?!They wont listen us at all.Cleaner and Andrez are complete fuckheads!!They hate ACR and I belive its nothing that we can do about it.
There is nothing we can do about it. They unreasonably hate us, but we cannot change their minds.
We need to take a nice little snapshot before they delete the thread again:

At least Ronald_Reagan answered the question, but he says that I am "not having a touch of modesty in [my] body", but I don't see any proof anywhere, so it's probably libel.

"[I] also [seem] to have relicensed the AC source, which is disallowed per the Cube license ([he] would've thought this is quite clear)."
This is the problem with the Cube licence's wording. It says that Cube cannot be relicenced, but does that also apply to its derivative works?
Why does anybody even like AC anyway? Bunch of noob hackers and the gameplay is unrealistic.... I quit after a couple hours of that sh*t.... FYI people fork open source projects duhhh. Look at LibreOffice, you don't see OpenOffice with sand in their pu**ies... they actually merge their code once in a while. If they don't want people forking their code they shouldn't have released their code as open source. Then they change their license after bunch of f*gs....
Got banned in AC forum.My ban reason is:Thank You and go fuck Yourself!
@{ke}xdEpicZombie, they C&P'd a part of your 2nd post:
xdEpicZombie on AC Wrote:Thank You and go fuck yourself!

It is true that we have some copyrighted assets, and we're still trying to replace them with free assets, but we've gone a few years without any complaints.

Perhaps I should contact the Cube authors and ask for clarification about the licence.
Cube Licence Wrote:additional clause specific to Cube:

4. Source versions may not be "relicensed" under a different license
without my explicitly written permission.

Does AssaultCube also get Clause 4 coverage? I don't think it does...
I'd like to make everything clear, as this thread is full of shit lies and such.

First, i don't hate the ACR community. I'm fine with people modding. Somtimes they're doing shit, sometimes they're bringing interesting things.

I don't hate you, victor. However, you can't blame people because they were disrespectful to you.
You violated licenses - you just admitted it. You didn't get any complaint ? Can't you ear ours ? You're ignoring it and it's a big lack of respect.
Unfortunately, the only times i heard of you are :
- when a player called "victor" was crashing servers
- when someone tried to connect to my FTP with random passwords ... after some investigation it seems it came from your area, victor...

Regarding your thread, {ke}xdEpicZombie. Well i didn't answer the first time because i thought you were planning to make cheats.

Now i'm discovering your posts here and... Well it's unacceptable.
I won't go into "your" debate, your posts about our fight against cheating, and what we're doing for this game is a big piece of bullshit. It's wrong, and i guess you're just raging, so i won't develop further.

However, you threatened to "hack" us and that is really somethiing i can't tolerate.

We have been working a lot on new content, the auto download system, and therefore we had to rework akimbo from scratch. I find it weird that a "modder" like you hates so much such a project.

Also, you should pay Cleaner some respect. It's a miracle he is working so much for our game despite its health.

If your ACR community is willing to cooperate, please give us {ke}xdEpicZombie's IP address. I have no other way to fetch it now.
If you do that, and if you consider respecting the licenses - are we asking you too much ? - then many people of AC's community may change there mind about you. I personally don't care about you. But the hate is also on your side, and you know that the ball is in your court. It's up to you.


A dev who loves all cube mods and cares about other ppl work.

PS: for example, why did not you warn me or Cleaner that someone was planning to attack us victor?
PS2: no. There is no place dedicated to ACR bashing on our forums. Actually, we rarely mention ACR; most people don't care.
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