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Full Version: Do not post anything in AC forum!
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What??? It is low poly and no offense, but it doesn't look like a modeling professional made it (it looks a bit homely). There is no way in hell someone else would make such a model, most models made for looking at are way higher poly.
i know im not a pro lol, and the low poly thing was for smoother gameplay/smaller package size

and have you seen this:
Thats why, only someone designing it specifically for acr would have it low poly because of gameplay. The fact that it is low poly proves that it isn't ripped.
This is why I suggest not to post anything to AC or AC-akimbo forum!Have they released any mod for ACR?!WHy should we do?
According to what I understood, Cleaner, the Akimbo founder, is the main leader of the opposition against ACR
(2013-08-22, 12:33 AM){ke}xdEpicZombie Wrote: [ -> ]This is why I suggest not to post anything to AC or AC-akimbo forum!!Have they released any mod for ACR?!!WHy should we do?
He may have thought it would be nice and possible help relations if we released mods for AC as well as ACR. Obviously so far it isn't really helping, but it was worth a try.
It would probably be best to just avoid AC until we get licensing for everything fixed up. Once we are good we can talk to them.
Akbluwarguy were the textures for the main weapon licensed? I know you made the model.....

Ruler, they will always hate acr, because our game is so much better than theirs. They never tried to modernize their game, instead stubbornly sticking to relic gameplay. Once we clear everything up they will be even more threatened because nobody will choose to play ac when they can play acr.
they were cut from mw2 or mw3 i cant remember. im not sure if thats still licensed or not, but i can retuxture it easily if you want
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