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Full Version: Release 2.2.2+
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Last release for a while. Corrects some of the bugs from porting the domain.

I apologize for all of the new updates, and domain renames. Just be grateful that I made old domains redirect here.
Alright a few problems , 2 of which i can fix.

1. crossbow does not have a model . I'll fix that , but I won't be rigging it for scope , so you'll just have to disable that .

2. In team modes, when the enemy scores in ctf, it says "xxx scored for your team" . One of the aliases has a problem .

3.I'm loving the tags on flags, and the players . BUT . This completely kills strategy ...

4. I've got a totally modified version of your acse 2.1.4, and its actually quite diffucult to port over everytime you switch because you make changes in the code .
5. World models are still default . I'll resize the wep models , but theres a problem with 2 of them coming out wrong , like the snipers , and the AR ... for some reason the snipers turn out flat, and the AR's polys have changed such that the curves have become edges
I have a few answers:
2. The CTF bug is fixed in SVN.
3. I'm thinking to make the tags update every 10 seconds or something like that.
I think you should add some battlefield elements to the game.Like the bloody screen thing from cod is not working out.And if you can improve the lighting and shadow system,like instead if the light being cylinderish like AC's make it cone shape and so you can angle it from any point.And floor textures make then reflective.
ohh yeah add a perk system like cod and a attachment system too. And some more killstreaks.
Most of the engine is not easy to improve. It would be easier to build a new game on the Cube 2 Engine. Maybe RPG could help with the lighting.
Wow i almost forgot add domination and headquarters etc. and since ac never did it add the spawn switch thing that coD got for team(TDM,OSOK) based games so there wont be any campers.
lol this idea has been brought up before (by me?) on ac forum. i forgot what they said about it and i cant check. their site is down atm
"Great minds think alike" lol i just thougt of a new gamemode for ex. were on a 20 people server so we have Ten two-man karts.5 on each can play any team based game with the mode (you just got to vote for it).now idk if we should mount a gun on the back of the kart or not.(like if the person should use the mounted gun or thier regular gun).Ohh and the driver cant shoot.

ps.If the team switch thing dosent work spawn the player next thier teammate thats the fardest away from the enemy.
The maps are too small, otherwise I was always thinking of Crysis. Put one person as the driver (which can't shoot), but the other teammates can fill up in the seats of the vehicle and shoot people.
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